What We Do

Service Descriptions

We enable our clients to harness our advanced and unique capabilities with innovative and production hardened technologies to unlock actual business value through Ideation, Discovery, Planning, Design, and Execution. Our Subject Matter Experts and Project Owners work with each client to determine business requirements and deploy team members as needed for each phase of your project, ensuring budget alignment, accountability, and project success.

Custom Software Development

Our expert software developers. Front-end, Backend, Database, and Server solutions for Custom Solutions, Products, SaaS solutions, Web and Mobile applications, and Customer Facing Desktop solutions.

Full-Stack Developers

At Invictus, our full-stack developers and programmers work within many aspects of the software development process and are knowledgeable in both the front end and back end of an application.

They work to create a seamless user experience through their unique and diverse skill set and are well-versed in databases systems, server configuration and user interface with an overall understanding of all functions on the front end and back end is key.


Custom mobile application development by our expert mobile app developers that support our customers from ideation, design to development and ongoing support and can provide custom, built from scratch or code-takeover projects as well.

Distributed Systems Architecture

Our team of developers enables components presented on different platforms to cooperate and share data with multiple systems over a communication network working to achieve a specific client objective and goal.


Microservices is an architectural design for building a distributed application using containers. They get their name because each function of the application operates as an independent service. This architecture allows for each service to scale or update without disrupting other services in the application.

Cloud Computing

Is the delivery of computing services – including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence – over the Internet (“the cloud”) that can provide and offer faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale.

SaaS offerings may include the following solutions: Software-as-a-Service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, Remote access File storage, sharing and access, Big Data Analysis, Data Governance and Cybersecurity are all components that can be realized through these services. Invictus Gurus has partnered with cloud solution providers to help our clients through their digitization journey.

API Creation and Support

API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of functions that allows applications to access data and interact with external software components, operating systems, or microservices. To simplify, an API delivers a user response to a system and sends the system’s response back to a user.

Data Science

Our Data scientists examine which questions need answering and where to find the related data. They have the business acumen and analytical skills and the ability to mine, clean, and present data in a unique and informative manner.

Our clients leverage our abilities to help source, manage, and analyze large amounts of structured and unstructured data.

Big Data and

Artificial Intelligence

Big data analytics simply put is the use of processes and technologies, including AI and machine learning, to combine and analyze massive datasets with the goal of identifying patterns and developing actionable insights. This helps our customers make faster, better informed data-driven decisions that can increase efficiency, revenue, and profit.


Our front-end web developers are responsible for applying interactive and visual design principles on websites and web applications for a positive and cohesive user experience. These developers use HTML, CSS, and other design tools to achieve responsive designs.

Web Development

Custom web application development by our expert web app developers encompassed Front-end & Design, Backend, Database, and Server scales designed to fit our customer’s custom workflow needs.

Database Development

Our team of expert Database developers, build, scale, optimize, maintain, and manage complex, custom database systems, Systems Integration cross integration of existing internal and 3rd party systems into single solution architectures.

Dev Ops

At IG, we provide devops consulting & engineering with our team of expert devops developers. Build, scale, optimize, maintain, and manage complex, custom systems.

Business Analyst

Our Business analysts help guide businesses in improving processes, products, services, and software through data analysis. These agile workers straddle the line between IT and the business to help bridge the gap and improve efficiency and create a baseline of project requirements to help achieve positive outcomes and user experiences.

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