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Processes and Approach: Professional Service Offerings

Through Ideation, Discovery, Planning, Design and Execution; we enable our clients to harness our advanced and unique capabilities with production hardened and cutting-edge technologies to unlock true business value. Our Subject Matter Experts, Business Analysts and Project Owners work with each client to determine business requirements and deploy team members as needed for each phase of your project, ensuring budget alignment, accountability, and project success.

Typically, we utilize an Agile methodology for software engineering services and project management, emphasizing sprint planning and retrospectives to improve client engagement at every stage of the project.

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We integrate designers and testers deeply into this process to ensure deliverables are as expected and requirements are fully documented. Our engineering teams strongly emphasize testability, unit tests, and end-to-end testing through automated and manual testing.

We have clients with legacy systems where a direct Agile methodology does not always work. In these scenarios, we typically employ a more Kanban-style approach with tasks and priorities.We utilize some Agile methodologies for planning and retrospectives in these scenarios, but it is project/situation specific.

Our team is flexible; we work with clients and their existing teams and methodologies as needed. Where possible, we make recommendations for process improvements/management progress communication as projects progress.

Utilizing an Agile development methodology, the Client will provide with the Change Request all Feature and Functional details necessary to document and scope the Change Request.

These changes will be documented in one or more Stories and prioritized on the Product Backlog for future development and release. As soon as reasonably practical, future Sprint schedules and Milestones will be updated to reflect the change in scope and functionality being requested and delivered via Change Proposal.

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