Law Pilot Use Case

The Problem

One of the top US immigration offices in Texas contacted us to help them scale their business and meet increasing demands from an influx of new clients. They needed a more automated process to file and submit multiple immigration documents for the clients they serve effectively and efficiently.

The Challenge

To develop automated software program to streamline the data entry process while integrating the firm’s disparate systems.

The Goal

To provide an Automated and Integration solution without raising the overhead costs.

The Solution

Our approach:
Day-in-the-life shadowing internal team members to learn every aspect of their existing process.

After rigorous research and problem evaluation, our team designed and delivered a custom software solution with the capacity to handle end-to-end processes of the entire case management and client experience.

The solution embodied the following features:

AI-enabled client questionnaire which automatically auto-populated Data into multiple immigration forms

Case Management CRM tool for client outreach

Appointment and calendar dashboard, client invoicing and process systems

Application for seamless client communications

Innovative Technology used to enable our solution



Artificial Intelligence

Business Impact

With our customized solution and automation tools, our client accomplished more and grew their business without adding headcount saving them over 3 million dollars in expenses.

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